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Welcome to Rich & Davis’s newest platform for sharing our devotion in the art of fine picture frame making: The Frame Maker’s Blog.

The overwhelming interest and support we have received over the last few years has impassioned us to create a space where we can share our passion in a more intimate and informative way. We are encouraged by the interest in the heritage trade of frame making from around Australia and we feel a responsibility to create a resource of information for those seeking to learn more about picture frame making.

This blog will allow for posts focusing on some of our custom frame making projects, our frame restoration and repair work and posts about individual skills used in our work; such as water and oil-gilding, ornament making and frame design.

This blog will also share information from other reputable sources in the industry, highlights of the picture framing trade and reflections on past and current published or displayed frame-related topics.

We encourage the sharing of information in the frame making industry and we hope that this platform will enable us to share our celebration of the humbled picture frame with the community.


Stay tuned.