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 We are Melbourne based artisan frame makers specialising in bespoke picture frames. 


We are frame makers.

We offer a range of frames that can be customized, and we provide custom frame making services for artists and galleries Australia wide. We build custom, bespoke contemporary, traditional ornamental frames and reproduction frames. We are skilled in carving, composition ornament making and water-gilding.


We are frame restorers.

We have years of experience in repairing, restoring and caring for valuable and antique frames of all styles and conditions. We are especially passionate about frame restoration ethics and the history of frame making and trade in Australia., We value the integrity and artistry of the picture frame and strive for appropriate and conservative methods and outcomes when considering restoration procedures and outcomes.


We now also work with furniture!

We now provide furniture restoration and repair services, specifically antique timber furniture repair. This includes repairing gilded, painted, carved, cracked and damaged timber or veneered areas on furniture. Contact us to find out more about this line of services.


We provide water-gilding and oil-gilding services alongside frame restoration, repair and stabilization services. We machine timber and can reproduce and design picture frame profiles.


We possess a considerable collection of antique Australian and European timber carved ornament molds for producing traditional and Australian frame ornamentation. We also use antique compo wheels to make a selection of our ornamental and running patterns


We are knowledgeable about the history of picture framing in Australia and can help advise on design and finishing choices for the framing of artwork.