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 We specialise in making custom and bespoke contemporary, traditional, ornamental, carved and gilded frames. We work with our clients across Australia, whether they be private galleries, art collectors or the general public, to refine picture frame designs and create new or replica frames finished specifically tailored for the individual artwork. We place no restrictions on our collaborative designs and are able to achieve highly customised and quality finished frames for any artistic purpose. We are experienced in frame concept and design and can recommend, guide and assist anyone in the design of any frame for any project. Any person, regardless of their knowledge of picture frames can collaborate with us in making a custom frame. We offer a large range of tradition English and Australian-style ornamental composition frames upon request, and have a significant collection of ornament moulds to draw designs from. Because we can manufacture our own picture frame moulding, make our own compo ornaments and moulds and do all our gilding and finishing in our Melbourne workshop, we have few design restrictions. We proudly offer an abundance of design choices for clients seeking frames to suit antique and period artworks or to clients seeking to design an unique new frame.

Water-gilt, contemporary, elegant, hand-carved, over-sized, luxury, highly ornamental, Baroque, antique-style, museum quality… we are the frame-makers.

Contact us to inquire about having a custom frame made for your artworks, tapestries, prints,

photographs and other treasures. 

Italian Cassetta Reproduction

The above images show a bespoke Italian style cassetta frame made by us for local Melbourne artist Katsuya featuring 23K water-gilding and prezzemolo decorations. 

Artwork: ‘Saint Teresa of Avila, 2015.

Images used with permission and subject to copyright.

Carved and Water-gilded Mirror Frame

The above images show a wood-carved Florentine style mirror frame, water-gilded in 23K gold with burnishing on the majority of the frame.

Water-Gilt Ornamental ’Hedingham’ Frame

A bespoke frame with burnished water-gilt Empire-style scolloped fluted cove and Acanthus leaf corners made for an original Henricus Leonardus Van Den Houten oil painting in a private collection. 

This frame profile has been added to our collection under the name ‘Hedingham’ for custom order

Ornamental Gilded 23K Gold Frame

A bespoke frame with composition corner ornamentation pressed from antique timber hand-carved moulds and gilded in 23K gold leaf. Made for a painting by Thomas Clark ‘Equestrians in Landscape’ this frame has been added to our custom frame collection.

Water-Gilt White Gold Thallon Replica Frame

A bespoke white gold water-gilt Thallon reproduction frame made for an Ethel Carrick Fox oil painting titled ‘Nice Market’.

The Fox Frame in 23K Gold

‘The Fox’ frame in 23K golf leaf with burnished water-gilt highlights

Large Ornamental Dutch Metal Frame

A large ornamental frame made for an original Marco Battaglini artwork “Smoking is Bad for Health”

John Thallon Reproduction Gallery Frame in Florin Gold

A John Thallon replica frame with water-gilt and burnished Florin gold corner straps and center details. This frame was made for a Sir Arthur Streeton oil painting exhibited at the NGA Canberra in ‘The Art Of War’ 2018

Artwork: ‘The Tunnel, Bellicourt Entrance’ c 1918.

Water-gilded Reeded Frame With Clay-Bole Inner Lip

A small, water-gilded 23K gold reeded frame with a white traditional clay bole inner lip

Small Gold Ornamental Frame with Beveled Slip

A bespoke composition ornamental frame with a large flat beveled slip shown in its ‘raw’ gesso and compo stage before finishing (left) and shown finishing in 23K water-gilt gold leaf (right).

Carved Baroque-Style Timber Frame

A large Baroque-style carved timber frame in raw wood for a custom fine art project

Gold Reeded Frame and Slip

A medium-sized reeded profile water-gilded in 23K gold leaf with burnished highlights with a matching reeded slip

As we have stated above, we offer a vast range of contemporary, traditional, ornamental, carved and gilded frame designs for custom picture frame projects. All of our frames are made in our artisan workshop in Melbourne by our small and passionate team of frame-makers who utilise traditional recipes and methodology to produce frames of the highest standard for clients across Australia. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about a frame project you have in mind, or about a frame that requires restoration.

Water-gilding a contemporary Italian cassetta style frame in moon gold loose leaf

Step Into The Rich & Davis Workshop

Here’s a glimpse into our artisan business and our everyday frame-making processes