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Commonly Asked Questions:

Do you offer your services Australia-wide?

Yes. We work with clients in all states and regularly consult via email and telephone.

I have a frame that has extremely damaged ornamentation, including damage to all four corners. Can you fix a frame like this?

Absolutely. We can take custom moulds and replace or repair damaged ornamentation. We can work with damaged corners and create new, stylistically appropriate ornaments for your frame to your preference.

Do you repair and restore furniture?

Yes. This is a relatively new area of service for us, so please contact us to find out more. We are currently working with antique timber furniture. This includes repairs to carving, cracking and damaged timber and veneered surfaces.

Do you repair gilded furniture or objects?

We are skilled in numerous gilding techniques and can apply these techniques for furniture and object repair.

How much does restoring a picture frame cost?

Depending on the size, style and level of damage of a picture frame, our restoration services can vary from the low hundreds into the thousands. We fully understand that our clients have a budget for frame restoration so we provide numerous different restoration options with varying costs. We can also work with your budget and propose options in line with your price-range.

Do you offer payment schedules?

We can offer a variety of payment schedules to suit your needs.

Do you design new frames for your clients?

We work with clients form the beginning to the end with new frame designs. We make truly bespoke frames using frame profiles, ornamentation and high-quality finishes for our collaborative designs.

I have a very large or valuable artwork, do you make specialised frames and hanging systems for such artworks?

We make over-sized frames that are structurally sound for large artworks and incorporate specialised hanging systems specific to your needs.

Can you make replica and reproduction frames?

Yes. We are passionate about high quality frames and specialise in making replica, reproduction and period-style frames.

Can you make a frame to match an existing frame that I have?

We certainly can if we have access to your existing frame.

Can you make a frame based off of an image from a book or from a website?

Yes. We can work with an image from any source and collaborate with you in making a reproduction frame (a frame of a very similar likeness).

I have an artwork that needs a frame but I don’t know what kind of frame it should have or what kind of frame I would like, how can you help me?

We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to frame design. We can assist you in the process of choosing a bespoke frame design that is both suitable for your artwork and that pleases your personal preferences.

Can you make a copy of an antique mirror frame?

Yes, and we can also help you with sourcing antique-style mirror glass.

Do you make alter frames for temples, churches, mosques, synagogues or for other religious spaces or purposes?

Yes. We can make truly custom alter frames from small to large scale with varying detail, ornamentation and gilding options.

Do you offer full picture framing services, such as artwork fitting-up and glazing?

We specialise in making frames only. We work with reputable affiliated picture framing businesses and we can also work with your chosen picture framer or relevant professional in arranging full picture framing services.

Do you offer apprenticeships, internships or workshops?

We are not currently opening up our workshop for apprenticeships or internships, and we do not currently have any workshops or gilding courses planned. However, if you are part of a group and would like to learn some skills that we use in our workshop, please feel free to contact us.

I am passionate about picture frames, can you help me with advice and information?

Of course. We are happy to share information and advice about the artistry of picture frame making. Please check out our Resources page for a large list of valuable sources of picture-frame related knowledge, visit our Instagram page for some insight into our workshop and projects, or send us an email if you have a specific question. Visit our About Us page for more information about our artisan business.

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