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We have compiled a collection of useful and informative resources relating to frames in Australia, New Zealand and beyond for those interested in the history, methodology and artistry of the humble and diverse picture frame. 


These resources are intended for use by those seeking to gain insight into the world of frames or for those embarking on research or study. 

Our Resources

Rich & Davis’s Reuben Rich has published a report detailing his interviews with artisans, and his frame-making experience in Turkey and Italy with the International Specialised Skills Institute and sponsored by the George Alexander Foundation

Download it here: Frame Making: Carving, Gilding and Finishing.

High Resolution Document: Report – High Resolution

Low Resolution Document: Report – Low Resolution



Online Resources


The Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material
A Description of 19th-century American
Gilded Picture Frames and an Outline of Their Modern Use and Conservation
Fine Art Trade Guild London
The Frame Blog
Picture Framers Guild of Australia
Picture Frame Label Blog
Professional Picture Framers Association
Suzanne Smeaton





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If you know of a resource relating to frame making or frame history that you cannot see listed above, we would love to hear from you so that we can add it to our list. 

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